Powerful Mobile Selling System for HVAC Professionals

Enhance your customer experience

Improve your closing rates

Raise your average sale

Mobile Selling Systems

Residential Replacement Sales

Single/Multi Zone Ductless

Flat Rate Service Pricing


iPad HVAC sales screen

Residential Replacement Sales

 ProComHVAC is a powerful iPad-based selling system that is easy to set up, easy to use and provides a great customer experience. Your sales team will be able to quickly prepare a dynamic proposal for your customer in a Best-Better-Good-Base format. The presentation encourages your customer to stay involved and in control of the decision-making process. ProComHVAC helps you increase your closing rates and gross profit per sale. 

A Powerful Pricing Tool

Capture all of your costs: including equipment, labor, warranty, promotion, commissions and install additions. Price your equipment to be both profitable and competitive in your marketplace. Add accessories to enhance your product offerings and increase your average sale.

Sets You Apart

Quickly and accurately prepare a multi-option proposal for your customer. Present it to them in a high-tech, confidence-inspiring format. Encourage interaction and offer them choices that best address their comfort concerns and goals. 

Easy to Use and Maintain

Even the most tech-wary salesperson will find this program easy to use. The interface is graphical and intuitive. An internet connection is not required for use in the home. Price updates made at the home office can easily and quickly be pulled down to the field. 

ProComHVAC Ductless

iPad Ductless sales screen

Single and Multi Zone Ductless Sales

 Ductless is the fastest-growing segment of the HVAC industry, yet there are no great solutions for pricing and in-home presentation – until now. Pro Comfort Advisor is proud to announce the release of ProComHVAC Ductless. Available as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to the ProComHVAC forced-air system. ProComHVAC Ductless will allow you to establish your company’s credibility, educate your customer about ductless systems and present a solution to them in a professional sales-driven process. 

Impress and Educate

A professional program that is branded to your company and products. Establish credibility with a slide presentation about your awards and accomplishments. Educate your customer about the benefits of ductless HVAC systems with informative videos. 

Propose with confidence

Select equipment individually or from a pre-loaded set of matched systems. Build multi-zone systems with confidence. Easily add accessories for system enhancement and performance and items required for a professional installation. 

A Professional Sale

Present your recommended solution with prices, descriptions and pictures. “Check the boxes” to show them how your solution takes care of their concerns or goals. Capture a signature right on the iPad. Print or email a professional agreement with a copy back to the office. 


iPad flat rate service screen

Flat Rate Selling System

 Flat rate pricing should be more than a way to simplify and standardize your service pricing. ProServHVAC helps you do that and much more. Establish your company’s credibility with a slide show. Involve the customer in the repair process with pictures of the parts needing repair and information about what it does and why it can fail. Show them the benefits and savings from signing up for a preventative maintenance agreement. 

You Are In Control

Fully customized to Your Business. Brand with your logo. Include up to 5 columns of pricing. Use your titles, your labor rates, your costs, discounts and markups. Preloaded with 50 tasking groups and over 450 tasks. Use what you want. Add whatever you want. 

Impress Your Customers

Easily look up prices on your iPad system instead of a ratty worn binder. Involve the customer in the repair process with photos of their equipment and diagrams of the parts needing repair including information about what it does and why it can fail. 

Professional Invoicing

Note recommended repairs that were declined. Show customers how much they saved from being a service agreement customer or how much they would have saved! Capture the customer’s signature right on the iPad and print or email a professional invoice with a copy back to the office.