Mobile Selling System for Residential Replacement Sales

ProComHVAC for residential replacement sales

 ProComHVAC is a powerful iPad-based selling system that is easy to setup, easy to use, provides a great customer experience. Your sales team will be able to quickly prepare a proposal for your customer in a Best-Better-Good-Base format. The presentation encourages your customer to stay involved and in control of the decision making process. ProComHVAC helps you increase your closing rates and gross profit per sale. 

Works with any and multiple equipment brands!

An overview of ProComHVAC

The administrative side of ProComHVAC is a powerful pricing tool

ProComHVAC equipment pricing

  • Captures all of your costs to ensure you are pricing correctly 
  • Includes your equipment, labor, warranty, promotions and commissions
  • Prices your accessory items as well as installation additions
  • Totally customizable: use what you want, add whatever you want
  • Customize rebates and credits including those that go directly back to customer
  • Cost increases can be easily updated and new prices rolled out to the field units

Easy to Use and Sets You Apart from you Competition

iPad HVAC sales screen

  • Explore and capture your customer’s comfort concerns or goals
  • Select equipment individually or from a pre-loaded set of matched systems
  • Easily add accessories for system enhancement and performance
  • Present your four equipment options in a Best-Better-Good-Base format with descriptions and pictures
  • “Check the boxes” to show them how your solution takes care of their concerns or goals
  • Format encourages interaction and keeps the customer involved in the process

A Powerful Pricing Tool

Capture all of your costs: including equipment, labor, warranty, promotion, commissions and install additions. Price your equipment to be both profitable and competitive in your marketplace. Add accessories to enhance your product offerings and increase your average sale. 

Sets You Apart

Quickly and accurately prepare a multi-option proposal for your customer. Present it to them in a high-tech, confidence-inspiring format. Encourage interaction and offer them choices that best address their comfort concerns and goals. 

Easy to Use and Maintain

Even the most tech-wary salesperson will find this program easy to use. The interface is graphical and intuitive. An internet connection is not required for use in the home. Price updates made at the home office can easily and quickly be pulled down to the field.